Science is dogmatic.

It has been said by some religious people, who are themselves dogmatic, that science is the devil’s creation. I disagree. Science is our insight into God’s creation. We posses this unique insight because we have knowledge, and we have knowledge because we attained it somewhere along the way.

What science has become is a secular tool. It is used to rid the world of its spiritual element, despite eternity being more relevant to our longevity than the material. It’s an evolutionary play, as one breed (science) seeks to make itself superior to the other (spirituality), not only by outnumbering it, but by eliminating every trace of its existence. It’s typical of the scientific mindset, just as it’s typical of the spiritual mindset not to fight back.

True scientists are waking up to their own assumptions, and researcher Dr. Rubert Sheldrake is among them. With more minds like his we can bridge the gap science has created, and heighten man’s knowledge of himself. I highly recommend you watch his presentation.

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  • Reply Zara June 5, 2015 at 3:56 PM

    I think you confuse the ideological use of science à la Dawkins with actual science, i.e the pursuit of empirical knowledge of natural phenomena which is, in itself, neutral.