What we can learn from the death of Paul Walker (and Roger Rodas)


"Famous" actor Paul Walker and some other dude who shall remain nameless died rather ironically in a car crash yesterday, and as is the case with every sudden celebrity death, the news has shocked many.

While much can be thought and said about Walker's passing, much more can be learned from the death of his friend, Roger Rodas, and it has reminded me of two immaculate truths that must never be forgotten.

Nothing matters to us more than our own Centre.

The fact that nobody gives a shit that Rodas died is yet another example of our own self-centredness. We all knew who Paul Walker was, and so it mattered to us that he died as his existence in some way related to our own. None of us knew who Rodas was, so who cares, right?!? But Rodas' family cares as he was extremely close to their Centres, and his death impacted upon them far more than Walker's impacted upon us. Without the existence of a subjective Centre, one death should not matter more than the other.

Everything in life is about our own centre, and the proximity of events to it. We are naturally self-centred. This is a spiritual truth, and it can only be overcome by believing in something greater than ourselves.

Religion is our only hope for justice.

In a secular world, such as the one that we call Hollywood, all that matter are success and materialism. Paul Walker was a B-Class actor whose death in no way differed from Rodas', yet the headlines don't say 'Roger Rodas dies in car crash', because he achieved nothing and therefore was nothing. Without God and an afterlife there can be no justice for Rodas. His time is up. Game over. Thanks for playing, loser! I hope he gambled, did drugs and banged as many hotties as he could, because without a god, his good behaviour is now irrelevant.

For the normal people of the world (all 95% of us) secularism presents no hope. We can either indulge in life's pleasures and achieve all we can, or be forgotten. Through sickness, suffering, and death, secularism presents no solace, only a cold and heartless belief that we are what we achieve, and life is what we enjoy.

Religion brings hope, and it brings justice. It allows us to find comfort in our suffering, and to find strength in our poor ranking in this world. If not for religion, 95% of us will never matter more than Walker, so however insignificant his death has been, our's will be even more so.

The secular want a world without God, either because they suffer and so hate him, or because they have it better than you and I, and therefore don't need him. The secular are looking to deprive themselves and us of God, of truth, and perhaps most importantly, of HOPE.

I for one refuse to believe that my life matters less than Walker's, and I am sure that somewhere, in the presence of God's warmth and justice, Rodas agrees.