Abortion is worse than pedophilia


“The right to life is the first among human rights.”– Pope Francis

Abortion is worse than pedophilia. It's not even a maybe. Abortion is worse than pedophilia.

The two share much in common. They are both highly self-centred acts lacking in all compassion for the innocent. They both serve the purely selfish desires of the individual. They both involve defenceless children. They are both acts of extraordinary depravity. And they are both irreversible.

What distinguishes the two rests very much in the latter commonality. While they are both irreversible, only abortion has absolute permanence.

A child who has been abused can still have a life full of meaning and happiness. He or she can never erase the memory of what happened, but they can find peace in the same way as a loving parent who has lost a child, or a soldier who has returned from war, can. They can appreciate the beauty of every day; they can smile; they can laugh; they can have a family of their own which they can protect, and to which they can bring joy. Once they find peace, they can help others like themselves have it, too. In the end, their life can have more meaning than ours.

The victims of abortion can do none of these things. They see the light of day only once, as it shines through the warmth and security of their mother's womb. It is the only light they will ever see. Before they experience life's incredible joys, they are literally tortured to death, and by the one person who nature has entrusted to protect them. Unlike the abused child, there is no coping mechanism for what happens to them. There is no way out. They can't scream, nor can they tell anyone about it. They suffer an assault unlike any we can empathise with, and all at the will of a mother who loves herself more than she loves them.

The true disparity rests in their respective psyches. The pedophile knows what he does is wrong, so he hides his sin, shameful of the desire which he fulfils. He knows his own self-centredness, and he knows serving it to be immoral.

The mother who aborts her child wears a smile cloaked under the veil of 'choice'. She declares her own freedom and gluttonises her own selfish desires. She finds support in those as immoral as herself, and together they fight for a world in which morality is nothing more than the fulfilment of their own wants.  The mother does not share the pedophile's shame, nor does she recognise her own sin. Instead, she tells the pedophile that fulfilling his selfish desires is wrong, and she calls him immoral. Hypocrite!

The pedophile who recognises his sin can be helped. The woman who calls her evil good can never be helped. She, more than any other, is destined for spiritual damnation.